“Is the art of free and conscious breathing”

Breathing is an extremely natural and organic process; something the body has known how to do from the first breath taken upon coming into the world. Its importance is evident: we breathe therefore we are.

However, breathing as an art form has much more to offer us than merely survival: a respiratory system functioning efficiently without imposition, and fully able to respond to the body’s need for oxygen, impacts positively and profoundly on all levels of our being.
This organic function, however, often becomes impaired as we progress through the cycles of life: emotional tensions, daily stress, grief etc. all impact upon the muscular ability to respond effectively. The respiratory muscles can suffer from a chronic accumulation of tension and unexpressed emotions can take up residency in the lungs: habitual and restrictive patterns of breathing manifest themselves as we become increasingly disconnected from the breath, and these restrictive patterns can result in a variety of illnesses ranging from headaches to hypertension, back ache to digestive problems.


To realize our full respiratory potential we begin a process of freeing and releasing the breath: in this process, the primary tool is awareness. We embark on a journey within the breath, becoming intimate with its qualities, subtleties, rhythms, curves and currents: Inviting a sense of surrender, we inquire into the possibility of handing back the process of breathing to the wisdom of the body, encouraging a minimum amount of imposition from the desires and concepts of the mind and a maximum amount of vital awareness to each and every phase of the breath.

This process, although simple, is not easy: the tensions we carry can be subtle, and the mind stubborn in relinquishing its excessive involvement. However, the wide variety of yoga asana (posture) and vinyasa (breath led movement) serve to sensitively challenge the deep tensions residing in the respiratory muscles and assist the required process of unwinding, awakening and strengthening.

Through intelligent yoga practice our recalibrated bodies begin to manifest their innate integrity and each part of the body begins to support the breathing process.


Through vinyasa krama (step by step progression) the dynamic yoga training method introduces a wide variety of bandha (energetic integration) based pranayama techniques, each impacting in a different way with varying benefits, purposes and emphases; however, they all share the same intent and that is for us to deepen our experience of spontaneous, passive yet conscious breathing, and experience the joys
and infinite pleasures of being breathed. sitesinden alınmıştır.

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