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Being sensitive to the body is to give the flow and directions of our practice to sensation . First we need to feel sensations as clearly and deeply as possible .(ahimsa) Then we need to be honest about the implications of these sensations. ( satya ) This requires that we be open to our experience in the moment. ( asteya ) This will allow us to flow with the wisdom of life. ( brahmacharya). It is only when we are consciously embedded within the supporting embrace of life’s indivisibility that we are able to let go of self clinging. ( aparigraha ) Without embodying the first limb of yoga within and through our practice the remaining seven limbs will remain nothing other than hopeful cultural ideals. Ideals that in being unrealizable without the diamond power of yama, can only too easily distort and diminish the power of our practice as we impose.

This is a process of sensitizing the mind, rather than the body. The human body is by necessity and desing intrinsically, exquisitely sensitive. Any cell in your body unable to discriminate with precision between different stimuli is already dying. Your body does not need to be made sensitive. Yoga posture practice is an invitation to sensitise our mind to the inherent sensitivity, intelligence and wisdom of your body. Only then can you encounter and enjoy the only guru who will not and can not abandon you. The only guru on whom you can totally depend: the guru within.

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