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Teaching Yoga Confession Blues

why is it called teaching as though we were at school being moulded for the dollar men to use and discard

for me it’s a sharing as compelled by nature as a breeze

you see I have this joy it’s something to do with humming blood and a wild truth in the nerves’ ageing and old time melting into the one and many which together dance a twisting gigue for a while in a place able to say I me this that you-me-us

I have this joy it’s in you too that’s why my finger points how and where it does to laughte and I teach nothing but live like a swaying sign busking the streets contemplation rooms academies offices cyberspaces and dreams speaking this language and that even being loved and loving.

I said to them yoga is just great even the body bending in delight and rhythm humming like its inner rivers and the eye’s picture seen say at midnight in the woods with moon and owl and the smell of leaf mould that earthiness i wanted to share for no other reason than to be rich with love and the serpentine wave pushing up through the body making space and quiet come so spicy to the mind that I want to share If only to be rich in beautiful and terrible sights

and the rhythms of speech dancing the stories because it’s as human as breath that I want to share if only to be rich in music

and being still as it’s said to know the whole swirling of mandala-falling life this I want to show so as to be rich with the sweetness of your knowing and your bursting into dance

even as dead bats fly out of you and you smell old smells re-play the film your skull invented when your arms circled madly and a moment’s equilibrium burst into light space and a vastness of ease this I wanted to share and stroke you in your pain to be rich in our meeting

in some ways it’s a life-want bursting into dance for fun and melting and high and low intensity making me rich in life

ah the gift of a beloved ready to go deep in love and unravelling savouring the passing this I wanted to dane for you to see to be richer in my own passing

I have this joy

Pete Yates

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